remain on.

We will give you some tips to turn off the jeep interior lights on the way.

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The interior light switch will turn them on while the ignition is in the on position.

All doors etc seem secure. 22 hours ago · 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee; 2023 Volkswagen Tiguan; 2023 Subaru Forester; Popular Luxury Vehicles. .


. It is located from the door of the Jeep to the body. Even then when I start the vehicle the dome lights come on and stay on.

. I have a Jeep Grand Cherokee that is a Rocky Mountain Edition.

No doors are open, no lights are turned on, and the dimmer switch is not on either.

I was able to fix it with the following procedure.

Interior lights stay on, driver side door panel don't work when door is closed, open door warning comes on when all doors are closed when in gear, keyless entry. Looks like a call to Jeep will be needed as the battery will be flat shortly.

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When I put the fuse back in the rear hatch when open will make the interior lights.

They turn on when the ignition is cranked on, driving around they.

By jiggling the switch on the dash the lights will sometimes stay on bright but most of the time they are dim. . Feb 11, 2009 - It seems that my interior lights stay on while im driving.

Sold. Jeep Interior Light Switch. Browse Categories Answer Questions. The relay also functions properly. It is not the. 2004 JEEP CHEROKEE.

All the door switches and hatch switches function properly.

. 2013 Black SRT8, Corsa cat back.

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Interior light stays on.